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We are a family, literally!  Eighty-Sixt consists of Buddy and Billie Hart and their sons, Logan Ziegler, Aaron Ziegler and Conor Hart .

Buddy Hart brings over 35 years of experience to Eighty-Sixt and provides us with some of the meanest guitar work around and he can sing anything from George Jones to ACDC and even some Sinatra. While in high school, Buddy became part of a rock band which enjoyed 23 years of success and opening gigs for The Guess Who, Henry Lee Summer, Badfinger and Head East among others.

Billie Hart has been involved in music since she was very young and grew up with music like The Ink Spots, Beach Boys and Hank Williams, Sr. before gravitating to the rock of the 60's, 70's and 80's. She fills the role of female rock star with songs from Pat Benatar, Heart, Stevie Nicks and more. Billie also helps keep the rhythm flowing by being Eighty-Sixt's percussionist and harmonica player.

Logan Ziegler started out as a drummer when he was 9 but found at the age of 10 that guitar was where his heart truly lied with the ability to play anything you throw at him. When he plays harmony guitar with Buddy, it'll blow you out of the water. Logan is also a great asset with his multifaceted voice that can hit Alice Cooper's high notes or Jimi Hendrix's low ones. He also plays mandolin.

Aaron Ziegler graces Eighty-Sixt with his thumping bass playing. Aaron started playing guitar when he was only 7, but decided at the ripe old age of 8 that the bass was his calling. His versatility allows him to rock out to Kiss, groove to the blues or boogie to the oldies. Aaron is the heartbeat of Eighty-Sixt and keeps us alive.

Conor Hart is the hi-hat of time keepers playing drums for Eighty-Sixt. Conor started playing when just a babe of 8. He channels drummers like Todd Zuckerman of Styx and Neil Peart of Rush into his drumming. Who needs a metronome when you have Conor?

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