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We are a family, literally!  Eighty-Sixt consists of Buddy and Billie Hart and their sons, Logan Ziegler, Aaron Ziegler and Conor Hart and we have been fortunate enough in the past year to open for bands such as The Marshall Tucker Band, The Kentucky Headhunters and The Guess Who.

Eighty Sixed (or Eighty-Sixt) (ā-tē-ˈsikst) transitive verb: Slang often used in restaurants meaning "taken off of the menu."

We like to take great songs that other bands have Eighty-Sixt and dish them out to you in a mix of songs and styles from the 50's through today. Mix it up with some standard favorites and you've got a great time in store with music you never thought you would ever hear a cover band do. With the vocal and instrumental talent and diversity contained in Eighty-Sixt, we can provide music for any occasion.

Eighty-Sixt plays a variety of music including everything from George Jones to Marilyn Manson. Our main show is classic rock from the 60's through the 80's with a mix of blues. Sometimes, if the occasion fits, we even throw in some Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard or George Jones. We try to mix it up to accommodate the prospective audience taste and keep everyone entertained.

We make it our mission to bring you the music you want to hear for any occasion or venue including festivals, weddings, private parties or clubs. Let Eighty-Sixt provide music for your next event. Contact Billie Hart by email at or give her a call 812-631-4610. We look forward to entertaining you.


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